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ProFilmReview will improve your Lacrosse skills – Guaranteed!

Lacrosse film review is critical

Are you tired of having an off game? Are you frustrated that even though the effort is there, it does not match up to the scoreboard or the stat sheet? Maybe you feel like you should be scoring more goals, causing more turnovers, saving more shots, or just flat out be a better all around lacrosse player.

If film review is something you have never tried before, try it now! It will change your game for the better and forever. The truth is, you can improve your game just by using ProFilmReview’s services once or twice— and regular review will do much more to increase your liklihood of reaching the level you are striving for then paying thousands of dollars for a club team ever will — not to say that there aren’t good club teams and coaches out there, because there are!

Why Does This Work?

Let’s say there are three main areas that need work: shooting accuracy, dodging through traffic and 1v1 moves. After reviewing the tape, one of the ProFilmReview Coaches may realize that you’re notpicking your head up before shooting, causing you to shoot too low and miss the cage right more often than not. This is something that can only be caught and fixed by a trained professional carefully reviewing your game film or highlight tape.Lacrosse film review is critical

When a player watches a game film review, sometimes it may be hard to see what’s going on, let alone focus on smaller details that really make the difference. For example, if there is one thing that causes trouble in your dodging skills it is possible that you are taking too big of steps which slows down your speed as well as your ability to quickly “pop” out of the dodge. It would also help to look at other player’s style of play. ProFilmReview has some great tips on how to get the most out of your review. While reviewing the tape players can pick out changes they could make during practice sessions and games with the goal of getting better.

It will be most beneficial for you to have a ProFilmReview Coach watch your game film -They may point out the something that will make the difference between earning a lacrosse scholarship or not.

Taking the Extra REPS

Remember, practice makes perfect! If you are working on a new situation in practice stop the play once you have done it correctly and compare it to times when it doesn’t work so great. By doing this, you can see where you should focus instead of just hoping to get better each time you go out onto the field! To make the most efficient use of your practice time and still have fun doing it, I suggest you check out the REPS Lacrosse training app! You won’t be sorry!

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